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Assono Hungary is a customer-oriented company offering comprehensive solutions for enterprise communications needs for domestic and multinational companies, government organizations and institutions. It can connect employees, information and clients of the entity via state of the art communication solutions and also provides its customers with the most effective technologies available.

Assono cooperates with the most suitable partners in order to offer future-proof, comprehensive and converged (speech, data, and mobile) technologies. Assono has a substantial share in the Hungarian market of large enterprise and institutional communication systems, while it also provides services that are normally found in large scale systems only, tailored to the operational needs of SMEs.

The company offers enterprise communication solutions integrating landline and mobile speech and data communication technologies ensuring the optimum exploitation of public and private networks. The management and staff of Assono are committed to assisting the business operations of their customers with efficient infocommunications systems and high quality services.

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Company History:


Schrack Telecom Austro-Hungarian Telecommunications Co. Ltd.


Ericsson Business Communications Co. Ltd.


Communications Solutions Division of Ericcson Hungary Ltd.


Assono Ericsson Ltd.


Damovo Hungary Ltd.


Spliting from Damovo Group and entering into Hungarian ownership



Assono Hungary Telecommunications Ltd.

The Assono Hungary Telecommunications Ltd. belongs to the Bravogroup Holding.






Assono Hungary Telecommunications Ltd.
Office: Róna utca 120-122., Budapest, H-1149 Hungary
Phone: (+36 1) 801 8500, (+36 1) 273 2150
E-mail: info@assono.hu

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